Shipping and Returns


Our shipping rates vary in order to provide our customers with the lowest shipping price possible.  Once shipped, domestic orders generally take about 7 days for delivery while our international orders can take up to 6 weeks (or longer).  All orders are shipped discreetly with tracking and are fully insured by Atlantis Mint. Please see below for more detailed shipping information.
Domestic shipping rates vary between $3.50 USD and $7.99 USD.  International shipping rates vary between $15.00 USD and $60.00 USD.  Please note: Due to the size of the treasure chest, the shipping cost for this will be $7.99 for domestic shipping or $60.00 for international shipping.
  • 0 to ~10 troy ounces - $3.50
  • >10 troy ounces to ~55 troy ounces - $5.95
  • >55 troy ounces - $7.99


  • 0 to ~10 troy ounces - $15.00
  • >10 troy ounces to ~55 troy ounces - $30.00
  • >55 troy ounces - $60.00
For your exact shipping costs, add your product(s) to your Shopping Cart and proceed to page 2 of Checkout.
Orders are usually shipped within 3 to 5 business days after payment has cleared, often times within one (1) business day after payment has cleared.  However, depending on availability and/or the size of the order, it can take up to several weeks for an order to be shipped.  Once an order has been shipped, you immediately will be sent an e-mail notifying you the order has been shipped.
Domestic buyers can usually expect their orders to be delivered within 7 business days after being shipped.  International orders can take 6 weeks or longer for delivery after shipment, depending on various factors, including, but not limited to, location, customs, and duties.
Please note, any lost wax orders take 7-10 business days to process.  After the order is processed it will then be sent out for shipment. 
Additional Details
All orders are shipped in discreet, inconspicuous packaging that gives no indication of its contents.  In addition, all orders are securely packaged to minimize damage in transit.  All orders are insured by Atlantis Mint once shipped.  We use a third-party insurance company to protect your orders for many reasons, one being that certain carriers like USPS clearly label insured packages as insured, which signals that the package contains precious goods.  If your product is damaged or lost in transit, Atlantis Mint will submit a claim with its third-party insurance company.  This might require the buyer to submit an affidavit and/or communicate with the local police in order for us to complete the claim.  Failure to cooperate fully with the claim process will result in the inability of the buyer to receive a replacement or refund for his or her order.  In addition, Atlantis Mint does not accept responsiblity and the buyer will not be covered if the buyer leaves instructions for the carrier or delivery service to leave your package unattended, with someone else, or without the need for a signature.  Once a claim has been filed, we reserve the right to either ship you replacement items or issue you a refund of your purchase at our discretion.
International orders may be subject to customs, duties, and other fees and obligations as a result of exportation and/or importation.  The buyer is responsible for all fees--whether foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown, or planned or incidental--associated with exporting and importing his or her order.  We highly advise that an international buyer checks with his or her local and federal governments regarding what fees and requirements (if any) apply to his or her order.
Our number 1 priority at Atlantis Mint is our customers' satisfaction.  To that end, although all sales are final and cannot be cancelled for any reason, we do allow returns under certain circumstances and subject to the policies and procedures set forth below.  Any deviation from the below policies and procedures will result in the loss of ability to return the item(s).
To qualify for a return, you must follow these steps exactly as specified:
    1. Within one (1) day of receipt of your order, you must send an e-mail to us at with "Return" as the subject line indicating you want to return your item(s).  This e-mail must include (1) your full name, (2) your order number, and (3) exactly what product(s) you would like to return.  We will not accept any returns sent to us that violate this policy.
    2. Before sending any return items to us, you must wait for an e-mail from Atlantis Mint in reply to your e-mail authorizing the return.  We will not accept any returns sent to us that violate this policy.
    3. Upon receipt of the e-mail from Atlantis Mint authorizing the return, you must ship the returned item(s) to Atlantis Mint within two (2) days.  The buyer is responsible for all costs for shipping the returned item to Atlantis Mint.  We recommend any items shipped for return be shipped with tracking and insured.  Atlantis Mint is not responsible for the package or item(s) in any way while in transit.  Any item returned must be in its original packaging and in mint condition.  Any item that is not in its original packaging and in mint condition will not be accepted for return.

Please note, for all returns, we assess the greater of a $20 or 15% restocking/administrative fee on the final amount returned.  In addition, all returns are subject to our Market Loss policy.  The buyer assumes any and all risks associated with the fluctuation of the price of the item(s) purchased.  Any and all gains as a result of market fluctuations in the price of your item is the sole property of Atlantis Mint.  Any and all losses as a result of fluctuations in the price of your item is borne by the buyer.  For a gold or silver bullion item, the price used to determine the return amount will be the price of said item at the close of the market on the day the item is received by Atlantis Mint.

We reserve the right not to authorize or accept any returns or exchanges for any reason.