About Us

Our Company

Atlantis Mint is incorporated and run in the United States. Our industry experience gives us insider knowledge that allows us to provide our customers with the highest-quality bullion products at the lowest possible price. We are a family-owned and family-operated business. As a result, unlike most corporations, we are here to serve the needs of our customers, from the small-time collector to the serious investor.

Our Products

We specialize in silver. The price on our silver products changes as the spot price of silver changes. This creates two very distinct advantages: (1) our customers can instantly take advantage of changes in the spot price of silver, and (2) this allows us to offer our silver products for the lowest possible price. The advantages don't stop there. In addition, we offer a wide variety of weights and designs, which allows us to offer something for everyone.

The weights we offer range from 1 gram up to 100 troy ounces, with our offerings varying depending on the manufacturer and metal. We offer dozens of silver and gold products.

We also have several collections and designs unique to Atlantis Mint, including, but not limited to:

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Our Mission

Atlantis Mint was founded with one sole goal in mind: To provide the highest quality customer service and bullion products directly to our customers. Simply put, we are your trusted source for precious metals. Purchase our products today to experience the Atlantis Mint difference.